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Welcome To Mi Pequeno Mexico; “The Best Authentic Mexican Restaurant”

Mi Pequeno Mexico specializes in serving “Traditional Authentic Mexican Food” from the beautiful state of Puebla Mexico. We serve Newark New Jersey’s Ironbound family recipes handed from our Abuelas (Grandmothers) over generations, using prime cuts of meats, and choice seafood alongside fresh vegetables. Our chefs prepare our traditional dishes to show “authentic tastes” in every bite. From humble beginnings in December 20001, we have
stayed true to our our commitment to quality family food at affordable prices. With our remodling back in 2010, our restaurant will have you feeling as if you took a trip to Mexico to experience it’s delicaies and beauty.

The best Mexican Restaurant is conveniently located by Newark Penn Station, right in the center of the multi ethnic bustling street of Ferry St here in beautiful Newark NJ. Low lit lighting, with the arts and crafts of Mexico mark the walls of our restaurant. Hand carved wood, calendars, hand drawn Murual’s of the legend of Popocatepetl & Iztaccíhuatl decorate our stone tile walls. The Mexican inspired interior design lends it’s feel to both individuals or groups.

Our clientele is a range of everyday hard- working people, families to couples or singles. From the local people, Mexicans, Portuguese, Brazilians, Americans we unite everyone under one delicious platter. We don’t have an official dress code we always strive our patrons to look casual/trendy and feel comfortable. We have music from a
traditional Mexican classics, to Ranchero music.. Come visit us and experience our family’s legendary Mexican cuisine.

Located by Newark Penn Station!

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(973) -344-7600


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